Julie Read became inspired to paint after taking a road trip in 2010 to visit the home her Grandfather grew up in, in East Dorset, Vermont. The home, occupied by folk artsits Richard Chalmers, was decorated on the outside by the work of Chalmers. Julie was taken by the colorful, cheerful pieces depicting farm animals and life on "Read Farm Road". After returning to Port Townsend, Washington, Julie signed on to take an acrylic painting class with local artist Max Grover. She was hooked from the start, and In 2014 she had a solo exhibition at the Max Grover Gallery that nearly sold out. She has gone on to show her work in many local and a few national galleries, and now teaches her own painting classes at the Port Townsend School of the Arts.


Her work is varied in style and theme. Often animals and plants are suspended in surreal, swirling, intricate detail. Her love of all things kitsch is evident - if not celebrated - in much of her work. In other pieces the macabre is approached with bright, cheerful colors. Her current collection features giant, monochromatic floral pieces, and desolate wind-swept scenarios inspired by her childhood memories of Wyoming.

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